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China's GTA Raised its Average Tungsten Forecast Prices for September

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

Ganzhou Tungsten Association(GTA) released its average tungsten forecast prices for September: wolframite concentrate price was $11,060.6/t, up $681.8/t from last time; APT price was $193.5/mtu, up $7.7/mtu; medium particle tungsten tungsten carbide sheet powder prices was $27.3/kg, down $0.3/kg. 

Zhangyuan Tungsten's new offers for the first half of September: wolframite concentrate was quoted at $11,030.6/t; up $681.8/t from the second half of last month; cemented carbide blade scheelite concentrate was quoted at $10,833.3/t, up $681.8/t; APT was quoted at $193.5/mtu, up $7.7/mtu. 

The rise in new guide prices boosts tungsten market confidence to some extent, but there is still gaps to meet the psychological prices of traders. This week, insiders would wait for the following up in the demand side.

Prices of tungsten products on Sep. 9, 2019

Picture of tungsten powder 

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China built tungsten and molybdenum mining of rare earth minerals and other important databases

Comprehensive rely China Geological Survey Bureau, Zhengzhou Geological Survey project results to establish a database of China's major mineral mines inaugurated recently in Zhengzhou.

China Minerals Mining important geological survey project database, "the country's major mines 'three rate' comprehensive investigation and evaluation" based on the results, the construction of coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron, manganese, copper, lead, zinc, bauxite 16061 important mineral mining mineral database ore, nickel, tungsten, tin, antimony, molybdenum, rare earths, gold, phosphate, pyrite, potash, graphite, bauxite and fluorite mining enterprises covering basic information, mine Sandvik Drilling Tools reserves, the technical conditions of mining, mining conditions, the basic situation of beneficiation, utilization of associated minerals, such as the disposal of waste rock and tailings utilization, mining economic indicators, refractory low-grade resource development and utilization of new technologies new technology and other aspects of the case mine production information data.

Establish a database of China's major mineral mines, to fill the cover "three rate" indicator important gap mine data services, will use reasonable evaluation of the level of mine development, mine development and utilization of a reasonable assessment of the reasonableness of the program to provide a reference, for mining provide service support policy research, mineral resources planning, mining situation analysis.

Thread drill bits

Developing Mongolia’s Coal Industry

In the last two decades, with assistance and advice from various multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors, Mongolia has begun reforms to move from a centrally planned economy towards one with market characteristics. At the same time, geological surveys have shown it to hold vast reserves of coal, copper, gold, silver, uranium, molybdenum, iron, tin, nickel, zinc, tungsten, phosphates, fluorspar and some oil. The government of Mongolia recognises both that exploitation of its mineral wealth is essential if the economy is to grow and that Thread drill bits it must establish a sustainable way forward if it is to avoid the problems that have affected several other resource rich developing countries in the past.

It has a strong vision of how the country should be developed, with an aim to establish major and long-lasting opportunities for Mongolia. The mining operations will need to meet all the environmental regulations and standards, so as to limit adverse impact on air quality, loss of water supplies and destruction of the fragile ecosystem. The government has declared that it will use the proceeds from mining activities to develop essential services. These need to include education and health care, as well as creating capable workers with equal access to opportunities to fill jobs in the mining and construction sectors. This will require a longer-term investment culture, with the Taper Button Bit prospect that the country can gain added value from its coal and other resources that will fulfill a crucial and beneficial role in the country’s overall development.


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